Small Change, Big Impact

banner_small_changeHave you ever thought of; how a small change can bring huge impact in your life or anyone’s life? The change could be anything; it can a positive or negative based on your thoughts which encourages your decision which in turn transforms into your actions.

The word ‘change’; has found its origin from the Celtic language (which includes Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Breton, Manx, Cornish, and several extinct pre-Roman languages such as Gaulish) spoken by the people of Iron or Medieval European who were called Celts. The word has seen a lot of change from its adoption by different races of people who spoke different languages; from Celtic to Latin (Cambier) then Late Latin (Cambiare) and then Old French (Changer) and presently English (change).

In our everyday life we do a lot of things depending on our stages of life we are in. This change becomes a part of life from the time of its initiation. If we look into a life cycle of a human being which was once a sperm has adopted a lot of change in its mother’s womb to get the shape of a human being. After birth it has adopt the changes of the environment and then during the course of the life cycle it has to undergo a lot of transformation to become full grown human being, whether it’s study, work, marriage, etc. We always adopt and get used to change, if we don’t, we struggle.

Now, you might be thinking what the actual point of the above discourse is. It is to change and on the literal meaning for betterment. It is for the betterment of individual, society, government, industry, etc. While looking into all of these may seem a bit of difficult task, however we can target one at a time and everyone picking up one thing would comprise of a lot energy and effort to bring that one change. I as an individual also understand that we might not have access to some place which would be needed to bring a bigger change. We also know that nothing can be achieved over night as rightly said “Rome was not built in one day”. It needs a steady but consistent approach to achieve something. So is change. A small of bit effort to bring that small change would bring a bigger impact. Changes are good. It helps us to be fluid and go with the flow.

Everyone needs a motivation to do something and we need to encourage people by showing them the positive side and as rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”. So we need to bring that small change in our inner world which we want to see in the outer.

Let’s look into few basic examples;

1. In every organization you can find people who do not adhere to the guidelines regarding timings, dress adherence, like basic etiquettes. You can find some of them within your group in the organization. Instead of following them we can adhere to the guidelines and after sometime you can see them following you and changing, which will bring a bigger change.

2. We do keep complaining regarding the untidiness of the environment and pollution. However, we never take any initiative to curb them down. We on our part can take some basic initiative to clean near our house where we live in. Looking into this change if people next to you also, starts doing the same. It would accomplish the objective in true sense and our environment would be clean.

3. On our way to work, we generally commute by our own vehicle which contributes to the pollution in the city we live in. If we can agree for carpooling with some of the colleagues in our office then we can contribute in reducing the pollution and traffic in the city to some limit.

These are some of the very basic examples which we all know and which might have been part of our tea table conversation at some point of time but we have never seriously thought or tried to do any of these. There is ample number of ideas which we can start to implement and bring out that small change which in turn can bring a bigger impact as a whole. Do remember “Change is the only constant thing in nature” which would definitely happen whether we accept it or not. If we accept it would be easy for us to get along with it else we have to accept it in a hard way which would make our life tough.

Let’s change for a better future.

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